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This platform lets you take World Builder's WORLD coin, and "burn" it in return for the creation of new tokens from our ecosystem. Those burned tokens will be temporarily locked out of circulation, before eventually being returned to the project team of the associated token. Think of WRLD as the raw material needed to forge other tokens.

Forging: To make forging a bit more like actually mining for things like gold and silver, the forge rate isn't constant. Instead, the cost to forge increases based on how recently the last forge occurred. You may try forging tokens once per hour, up to the current per user forge limit. The forge process is competative. If someone forges right before you, the cost per token may be significantly higher than expected and the number of tokens you receive may be significnatly less than expected.

Registration: To prevent people from abusing the system and forging with multiple accounts, you'll have to pay an initial registration fee. This fee will make you a smith a coin. It's a one time fee (per token project), paid in TRX, to the project stewards. Each project sets its own smithing fee.

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You're not currently registered as a smith for this token. You'll have to pay an initial fee of 0 TRX to forge.

TokenForge (PHC)

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Forge Price: 0 WRLD
Maximum WORLD Allowed: 0
Estimated number of tokens to forge: 0