Tokenising the world's most imperative services and resources


Welcome to - the home of the World Builder Project on TRON. World Builder seeks to improve the human condition by leveraging blockchain and cryptoasset technology. World Builder isn't a single project. We're a think-tank and incubator of ideas and technology which can be enhanced with blockchain. If you're interested in our efforts, please join us in our Telegram Group.

You can also use our faucets and mini-games to collect WRLD, the core token of our ecosystem. Or visit the pages of our child projects. After collecting WRLD, you can use it to compete to win TRX prizes in the burner games.

We have a number of projects already in progress. These projects will function as the core ecosystem for World Builder.
  • Promote.Health is a foundation dedicated to improving public health, leveraging the PHC monetizing token.
  • Academic Reward Token (ACW) is a token that monetizes the concept of research and development itself.
  • Project Outpost, an operation that will make it easier to barter goods, and hopefully largely replace expensive pawn shops and loans.
  • Arcadium, a virtual arcade project along with the ARC token, which monetizes entertainment.